Individual Consults

Josie provides custom coaching and consulting services for individuals by phone or video conference, with limited in-person availability on a case by case basis for clients in the DC/Northern Virginia area. Details about topics covered in a typical consult can be found in the Approach section of this website, under “Individual Plan.”  Use the contact form if you are interested in scheduling an appointment or a quick chat to see if we’re a good match. Some of your questions may be answered in our FAQs.

Preliminary Consultations

  1. A 90-minute phone conversation
  2. Review of any materials sent in advance of the scheduled meeting, including current lab work, previous lab work, narrative summary of the problem, video, and anything you would like me to see before we speak.
  3. Written recommendations following the call.

Follow-Up Consultations

They are important to help assess, adjust, and refine your goals. Early on, many situations benefit from weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly support. As a situation progresses and hopefully improves, less frequent consults are more typical. Follow-up consultations are typically 60 minutes long but can also be scheduled in as few as 15 or 30-minute increments. Written recommendations are included with follow-up consults.

Collaborative consults

Collaborative consults can make all the difference when tackling chronic conditions. Examples of services Josie has provided to her clients as part of a custom coaching/consulting relationship include: accompanying a client to a doctor or other practitioner appointment (by phone or in person); hosting a multi-practitioner collaborative team meeting; hosting a family strategy session (including parents, grand-parents, partners, others where relevant); conferring by phone or in writing with client’s doctors and other practitioners (eg. acupuncture, dentist, occupational therapist, etc); joint consults with client’s other health practitioners; and more.

Email Policy

Routine emails are included in the consultation fee and updates in between consults are both welcome and encouraged. However, if a complex or comprehensive answer is required, I will either suggest we schedule some phone time or suggest a nominal fee before I reply.


Preliminary consult is $180.
Follow-up consults are $120 per hour and can be scheduled in as few as 15 minute increments. Collaborative work is priced on a case by case basis.


Invoices are generated after each consultation and due immediately. Integrative Health Strategies accepts checks and all major credit cards. Please note that clients with a history of late payment will be asked to purchase their consultations prior to scheduling

Hardships & Discounts

Josie reserves a limited number of spaces for people who are serious about doing the work but not able to pay full fee. If that describes you, please contact us to see what opportunities are currently available. Integrative Health Strategies is committed to helping those with sincere need whenever possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more details about consulting with Integrative Health Strategies, please refer to our FAQs.