Our Approach

Removing Obstacles


Obstacles to health may come in many forms including: pathogen, habit or belief, biochemical imbalance, trauma, physiological stressor, toxin, environmental stressor, immune intolerance, genetic predisposition, and more.  

While some people can point to an acute event that served as a “tipping point” for a condition, others describe a cascade of cumulative stressors that slowly compromised health.  

In either case, we find that when the “total load” of health stressors exceeds our individual capacity to handle them, symptoms tend to multiply.  When we optimize supports and mitigate stressors, symptoms often get better.

Fundamental to this approach is an understanding that the impact of a stressor will vary according to a person’s real-time health resources, and regardless of diagnosis.  Each person has a unique constellation of health assets and health obstacles. As we identify and remove those obstacles, while also adding supports, we cultivate resilience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Individual Plan

Detailed written suggestions are formulated after a preliminary consult and then updated/revised with each follow-on consult. Suggestions are always customized to the client’s individual circumstance and presented in a framework that may include:

  • Lab testing and Lab Review. Review of any labs to date. Suggestions for further assessment to share with health providers when warranted, and/or easy instructions to order independently. 
  • Environment. Environmental Stressors should be identified and removed where possible. Some chronically ill people are exquisitely sensitive or reactive to things that do not typically trouble healthier people.
  • Lifestyle. Identifying and then changing habits that may be undermining health can have a big impact. Small steps add up to larger results as you remove obstacles to the healing process.
  • Navigating Across Health Disciplines for Best Results. Many if not most chronic health conditions benefit from more than one type of professional support. We help you prioritize options, taking into consideration the specific nature of your problem as well as your financial reality, personal situation, and geographic constraints. 
  • Food and Drink. Temporary or long-term dietary changes often play a role in reversing chronic health conditions. Coaching can help identify what is working and what needs tweaking or further assessment. 
  • Nutrients and Supplements. Review of current supplement schedule and/or new supplement suggestions where warranted. Access to online dispensary with discounts. Sensitive to different situations such as inability to swallow capsules, sensory issues, ingredient sensitivities, etc.
  • Beliefs and Outlook. Explore beliefs and outlook to see how these may be supporting or undermining health goals.
  • Follow-up. Follow-up support in increments that make sense.