About Us

Integrative Health Strategies was founded by Josie Nelson as a heart-felt response to the growing epidemic of complex chronic illness, especially in children. Her work with individuals and organizations has one simple goal: to prevent and reverse chronic health conditions.

A personalized and systematic approach helps clients improve chronic health conditions such as: autism, auto-immune conditions, developmental delays, digestive disorders, allergies, ADHD, asthma, anxiety, mood disorders, eczema, fatigue, sleep problems, weight problems, and more.

Our Approach

When we cultivate resilience, we acknowledge an innate capacity to heal from chronic illness and create opportunities for stuck and stagnant situations to shift.

Though best known for our work with complex cases, we are always determined to keep things simple.  

Whether you have already seen multiple doctors, practitioners, and therapists, or are just beginning a search for answers, we begin with an in-depth case review and preliminary consult, develop a plan, and keep it practical.


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Individual Consults

Josie provides custom coaching and consulting services for individuals by phone or video conference, with limited in-person availability on a case by case basis for clients in the DC/Northern Virginia area.

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Project Work

Project management and other strategic project work are offered as a core function of Integrative Health Strategies. Currently, we are in a long-term partnership with The Documenting Hope Project.

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Qi Gong

An ancient practice which can regulate and nourish the body. When foundations are correct, it will also prepare the body for Nei Gong, a transformative art that underpins the internal practices of the east. 

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